We carry an extensive stock of parts and service items, mainly for the MGB and Midget.
If you are looking for a part for your car then please contact us.
We do have both new and secondhand parts in stock, including some very hard to get items, you never know we may have that elusive part you have been looking for.
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We can send parts out to all parts of the globe, for example a MGC gearbox to Australia and received within 6 days to the customer's address.
We have been Supplying and Installing Sunroofs for over 30 years, including the folding fabric type also known as Britax, Weathershields, Sunway and others.
Are you looking for example the screws and nuts for these ? well we can supply a modified version for the aluminium side rails to be fitted please ask.
We also have a 2 new vinyl tops for the Sunway roofs, 1 in blue with a small nick in it where it has been folded in storage but repairable with something like vinyl weld and 1 in maroon.